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Our Certified Online Excel Course covers Excel
from Beginners to Advanced level.


Learn Excel Online:

Individual & Employee group Excel Courses.

learn excel online

Learn Excel at your own Pace.

Our Online Excel course  covers  Excel from Beginners up to Expert Level.
With it..

  1. 1. You can replay each video lesson again and again
  2. 2. Get instant support from our live chat support as you study
  3. 3. Study what you need for your job as our course covers Excel from absolute beginners to advanced Level
  4. 4. Available on your laptop, tablet or phone 24/7
  5. 5. Covers 5 Excel Levels: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, Pivot Tables and the new ‘Power Excel’
  6. 5. Prove your knowledge with 5 levels of certification available
  7. 6. Covers all Excel versions: 2010, 2013, 2016, 365 and the latest version Excel 2019

                  Get Certified.

, prove to your  employer that you are very   proficient in performing Excel tasks quickly, safely and effectively with our recognized Excel Certificates.
Also earn 12  CEU, PDU or CPD points if required by your professional institute or body.
Read the full course syllabus here.

          Group Employee Online Course.

Employers,  increase your employees  productivity with our certified online Excel course. Our course covers five levels of Excel, allowing for staff who just need basic Excel skills or those who need very advanced Excel skills.

You can also track in real time from your dashboard every employee’s progress-lessons completed and certificates awarded. [Learn  about our Group  Course Free Trial ]

Master Form Controls in Excel.

In this sample lesson from our course, you will learn  about form controls in Excel , how to build and  use them and some great examples of them in action.
In the course, you will be able to download the practice worksheet for this lesson and practice all that you have learnt.

Quick Video Tour of the Course.

This five minute video will give you a quick overview of the course, the various lessons and levels,  the practice spreadsheets for each lesson, the four different  certification levels and  how to use the course to its maximum.

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