What are the ‘Actual’ Excel Skill levels of your Team or Job Candidates?


Free ‘Self Correcting’ Excel Testing Workbook



We have created a Free to Download “Self Correcting & Timing” Excel Testing Workbook ‘ which reveals users ‘actual’ Excel skill levels in terms of  both Knowledge and Timing.

Users have to attempt 12 ‘real life’ practical Excel tasks on an actual Microsoft Excel workbook. This type of test is much more effective than those multiple choice type Excel Tests ,which  simply don’t reveal a person’s  actual  Excel abilities  or lack off.


The Workbook Checks not only if they can Complete these Tasks but it also Benchmarks how Long it is Taking Them.


The workbook times them as they complete the tasks and auto-corrects their solutions ,producing a personalized report showing their

  1.  Efficiency  Rating.
  2.  Excel Skill  Grading
  3. Full Report  highlighting strengths and weaknesses.


So whether you are

  • Reviewing your Team’s  Excel skill Levels.
  • Hiring people who need to have competent Excel skills.
  • Planning the outline of an Excel training course.

the ‘Testing Skills Workbook’ will quickly give you real insight into their actual real  Excel skills within 20 minutes.

Group online excel courses for your employees

How to Use:

Users will need a minimum of 20 minutes to complete this assessment. They can skip a question by typing ‘s’ into the skip box beside each question. Skipping will incur a time fault.

Marks assigned to tasks are weighted relative to their importance as is the time taken to complete them. The skills rating will show a rating for both beginner and intermediate level.

The Excel Testing workbook contains NO macros, so it’s safe to download and works on all versions of Microsoft Excel from 2007 to Excel 365. Copies of the workbook are Free to download for you, your employees or for your job candidates.

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