Group Membership Corporate Licence : $97 Per Licence:

Payment can be by invoice or online .
We use Stripe as our online  payment processor.

Corporate Licence provides…

  • Group leader(s) can monitor each employee’s progress and activity from your desktop dashboard
  • Employees can replay each lesson again and again.
  •  Download practice workbook for every lesson.
  •  Get instant support from our Excel Tutors with  our Live Chat Support.
  •  Study what they need for their  job as our course covers Microsoft Excel completely.
  •  Lifetime ‘Content updated’ access so their Excel skills can grow with their job.
  •  You can allocate Licences at any time.
  •  Includes repeatable online tests: Download  Excel Certificates immediately.
  •  Recognized by  major  Professional bodies. 12 CEU Points.
  •  Available 24/7 on all platforms.
  •  Covers all Excel versions 2010 ,2013, 2016, 365 & 2019

Group Membership – minimum order amount is 3  users.