A Practical Excel Course for Today's Office Place

Excel from Beginners to Expert level - Lifetime Access - Certified -Live Chat Support

Level 5 now available -Power Excel- covering Power Query, Power Pivots & the new DAX language

Individual & Employee group Excel Courses.

Our trainers have created a practical online Excel training course called ‘WorkPlace Excel’ designed for you or your employees to succeed in their job.

Available for individuals and organizations, our Excel course focuses on the essential Excel concepts, tools, functions & formulas needed to be super productive in today’s real world office environment.

Our Corporate Employee Online Excel Course comes with full tracking features, online exams for each level, CPA/CEU accreditation and comes with live chat support for your staff as they study what they need for their job. Now used and trusted by over 3,000 companies and organizations worldwide. Setting up your own corporate online Excel learning portal is easy – 1.Email us Users details- 2.We set up everything- 3. We invoice you.

Our online Excel course contains 5 Excel levels –all in the one Course

1.Beginners Excel
2.Intermediate Excel.
3.Advanced Excel
4.Pivot tables.
5.Power Excel including Power Pivots and the new DAX Language.

You will get 12 hours of high definition videos with a practice workbook for each lesson and live chat support from as you study. Our Excel training course mixes Excel theory with practical examples of real life tasks and calculations. You will get lifetime access, so your Excel skills can grow with your job.

learn excel online

Learn Excel at your own Pace.

Our Online Excel course  covers  Excel from Beginners up to Expert Level.
With it..

  1. 1. You can replay each lesson again and again
  2. 2. Get instant support from our live chat support as you study
  3. 3. Study what you need for your job as our course covers Excel from absolute beginners to advanced Level
  4. 2. Lifetime Access -your Lifelong Excel Course
  5. 4. Available on your laptop, tablet or phone 24/7
  6. 5. Covers 5 Excel Levels: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, Pivot Tables and the new ‘Power Excel’
  7. 5. Prove your knowledge with 4 levels of certification available
  8. 6. Covers all Excel versions: 2010, 2013, 2016, 365 and the latest version Excel 2019

How long before I'm an Excel Guru.

Our Excel Course has over 12 hours of video lessons.
Allowing for a minimum of one hour of practice time for each hour of video, you should master the whole course in about 24 hours of study.

Prove your new valuable expertise by passing the repeatable online exam available at end of each level, with your Excel certificate for that level automatically printed out. Its also worth 3 CPD/CEU points per level. Certified by the CPD Standards office.

  •   Beginners Level:         2 hours of videos and practice
  •   Intermediate Level:     3 hours of videos and practice
  •   Advanced  Level:        2 hours of videos and  practice
  •   Pivot Tables:               2 hours of videos and  practice
  •   Power Excel               3 Hours of videos and practice


Corporate Employees Online Excel Course

Do tasks within minutes instead of hours.

, join the thousands of other companies worldwide and boost your employees productivity  with our online Excel course.

  • 1.  You can track  the progress of your staff in real time from your desktop.
  • 2.  Suitable for all your staff as our course covers Excel from beginners to Advanced level.
  • 3.  Each employee gets their own unique login.
  • 4.  Full expert email and live chat support  as they study the course.
  • 5.  All Login accounts and group administrator accounts set up for you.
  • 6.  Our Course is Web based so No  IT integration required.
  • 7.  You can test your employees progress with online assessments and certificates of completion available for each level.
  • 8. Lifetime  access to the full course for each employee.
  • 9. Licences from $69.
  • 10. Licences can be allocated by you at any time.
  • 11. Covers all Excel Versions from 2007 to Excel 365 & 2019
  • 11.. Payment can be by Invoice or Online with either Stripe or Paypal.

  Order Now or or if you would like a full trial , contact us and we will set it up for you.

Master Form Controls in Excel.

In this sample lesson from our course, you will learn  about form controls in Excel , how to build and  use them and some great examples of them in action.
In the course, you will be able to download the practice worksheet for this lesson and practice all that you have learnt.

Quick Video Tour of the Course.

This five minute video will give you a quick overview of the course, the various lessons and levels,  the practice spreadsheets for each lesson, the four different  certification levels and  how to use the course to its maximum.