The Free Excel workbook that measures your staff’s efficiency
in Excel within 10minutes.


We start all our instructor- led Excel courses with a special Excel test to help us quickly gauge the students’ Excel skills.

The test comprises of just a few special excel tasks with a time limit of 10 minutes- but it’s enough to give us an accurate picture of their skill levels and how effectively and quickly they could implement these skills in their daily excel work. The different in days saved annually between the best and the worst student can be up to 10-20 working days per year .

Knowing the essential Excel concepts, the dominant Functions & Formulas, worksheets control techniques, Pivot tables and keyboard combinations can make a huge difference in how quickly tasks are completed on a daily basis.

An additional problem is that most offices will have a number of very competent excel users who can complete an enormous amount of work quickly to a high standard but they are often hounded for help by the less competent users, who can spend hours doing things manually and therefore nobody will be working at their full potential.
So the entire team lacks efficiency and productivity will suffer. This is a great shame considering it is so easy now to test for existing excel skills and easy to upgrade Excel skills and excel productivity.

Now We wanted our corporate clients and our online clients to be able to test their own staff. Giving them the workbook with the various excel tasks was,  of course, no problem but timing  the exam  and then correcting all the answers and methods was a major problem.

So we brought together our Excel trainers and VB programmers to create an auto correcting Excel workbook containing these special excel tasks.

The workbook which we call ‘the Excel Skills Reporter ”  times each task, then auto-corrects the answers and records methods of completion used. Finally it creates a personalize report of that employee‘s weakness and strengths and  gives them  a mark for Excel Efficiency and Excel Knowledge and how long it is taking them to complete everyday Excel tasks.

Here is a quick  video which shows how to use the Excel Skills Reporter.



It works on all versions of Excel. You can download a free copy of the workbook by  Clicking  Here.