What are the  ‘Actual’ Excel  Skill  levels of your Staff
or Job Candidates ?


‘Free ‘Self Correcting’ Excel Testing Workbook.



Can your team or potential job candidates complete practical ‘real Life’ Excel tasks  correctly and safely ?  How long is it taking them to complete these Excel tasks? Maybe you  realize that those multiple choice type Excel Tests  are ineffective and just don’t reveal a person’s  actual  Excel abilities  or lack off.


We have designed  a  Free to Download  ‘Excel Testing Workbook ‘ which reveals the true story, the ‘real’ existing skill levels in terms of  knowledge and  also timing. Our  unique  Workbook  requires  your  employees  or  job candidates  complete  12  ‘Real life’  practical  Excel  tasks on an  actual Microsoft Excel workbook.


The Workbook Checks Not only if they can Complete these Tasks but  it also Benchmarks  How Long it is Taking Them. 


The workbook  times them as they complete the tasks  and  auto-corrects their solutions ,  producing  a personalized report  showing their

  •  Efficiency  Rating.
  •  Excel Skill  Grading
  • Highlights the areas  they are weak  in.



How we Selected the Question Tasks  &  Benchmarked the Timings.

We have 10 years of Excel Training Data to assist us. Since 2013, our online Excel Course system has served tens of thousands of lessons, replayed lessons , online exams and repeat exams  to thousands of students and companies all over the world.
Using this online data  and feedback from various industries together with our trainers experiences, we created  a bank of practical question tasks  that reflect the use of Excel in the real life office environment.  And  from our extensive Excel exam data results,  how quickly these tasks  can and should be completed.

Please note that marks assigned to tasks are weighted relative to their importance as is the time taken to complete them.

So whether you are

  1. Reviewing your own  or your Team’s Excel skill Levels.
  2. Trying to avoid bad hires. Hiring people who need to have competent Excel skills.
  3. Planning an Excel training course.

our ‘Testing Excel Skills  Workbook’ will  give you the  real insight into their actual Excel skills within 20 minutes.


How to use?

You will need a minimum of 20 Minutes to complete this  free Microsoft Excel proficiency  skills assessment.  You can skip a question by typing s into the skip box beside each question. Skipping will incur a time fault.
The skills rating will show a rating for your beginners level standard and an intermediate level standard. The Excel Testing workbook contains NO macros, so it’s safe to download and works on all versions of  Microsoft Excel from 2007  to Excel 365. The workbook  is  Free to download for  you , your employees or  your job candidates. It’s an essential free professional development tool for your staff.

Sample Questions from the Question Bank

Your employees or  job candidates  will need to find solutions to the following practical Excel tasks in a quick , safe and efficient manner.


  1. The  budget spreadsheet has columns of data that  need to  add together and  averaged. Also you need to  calculate  the percentage  of  each expenditure in relation to total expenditure.
  2.  The  Sales  spreadsheet lists  the sales records   of our 150 salespeople.  You need to calculate  the commission payable to each salesperson and  then convert these commissions  into  Dollars   based on an exchange rate provided in a cell reference.
  3.   There are   20,000+   records in  the   Orders Spreadsheet, you need to perform a treble sort on it.
  4.  The  Marketing Manager  needs  you to build a   report  showing   customers who have bought  certain products , yielding  a specific profit margin and quantity ordered using  the Filter tool.
  5.  Salespeople who  reach  a certain target  are to get an extra bonus. You need to calculate, using an IF function who is entitled to the extra payment and  then work out the correct payments now due to  all our 150 sales people.

  6. To many errors  are occurring when staff are inputting data  into our spreadsheets. We need you to create some  a drop- down list and only allow certain numeric values to be allowed into certain cells.
  7.  Our Accounts team want you to update  the accounts worksheets so that  customers  who have paid all their fees  are automatically highlighted in a blue colour and those customers who are 30 days overdue  are automatically highlighted in red.
  8. Employees have new starting and ending times, we need you to calculate the total hours and minutes worked by each employee.

Why improve your  Excel Skills or those of your  team.
Studies have shown that been able to use Excel efficiently can save you up to 30 minutes a day , that’s up to 15 working  days saved per year

You can Download your Free  copy of the  Excel Efficiency Skills Test  by
Right Clicking Here  and choose ‘save link as’.